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For over two thousand years acupuncture has been used in China and other Asian countries to treat a multitude of conditions. It is believed that imbalances in the bodies energy leads to disease processes such as Bronchitis, the Common Cold, Flu, Cough, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Low Immune Response, Viral and Bacterial Infections, and also Internal Conditions & Pain Syndromes such as Abdominal Pain, Addiction, Allergies, Arthritis, Asthma, Back Pain, Vertigo, Hypertension, Stress and many other conditions. Acupuncture balances the bodies energy by stimulating specific body points using a variety of techniques such as moxibustion, taishin and needling. Moxibustion is heating these points of the body. The taishin is a small tool used to place pressure on these points. Needling is the penetration of the skin at these points with solid metallic needles that can be stimulated by hand or electricity once inserted. Acupuncture philosophy believes that when the bodies energies are in balance, the body can heal itself.

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